Hakko Air Pumps - Performance under Pressure

"Being a part of Hakko Air pumps success has been a priviledge for us."
Michael Oleksak

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  • Perfect for Aerating Koi Ponds or Small Lakes
  • Greatly Increases Oxygen Levels
  • Better Fish Health and Growth
  • Improves Bio-Filtration
  • Reduces Algae Growth
  • Improves Clarity
  • Reduces Sludge
  • Saves Electricity
  • Back up Aeration
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Reduces "Off-Flavor" in Aquaculture Fish
  • Increases Productivity of Small Fishing Lakes
  • Critical for Aquaculture
  • Intensive Recirculation System

AVAILABLE IN 25L; 25LP; 40L; 40LP; 60L; 80LH; 100L; 120LH; 150L; 200L; 250L

3 Year Warranty

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Oxygen is the most important element for life. All life revolves around the availability of Oxygen. In aquatic environments like fish ponds, oxygen is the single most limiting factor for success. All aquatic life forms demand oxygen. From the fish down to the bacteria any body of water has what is called an “oxygen demand”.

Of all the essential elements in water, oxygen is also in the shortest supply.

Ponds and lakes gain oxygen in two ways:

  1. Photosynthesis by algae and plants.
  2. Atmospheric oxygen is transferred into water at the surface of pond.

Photosynthesis may produce sufficient oxygen for very low fish loads but is inconsistent due to the fact that at night algae and plants remove oxygen through the process of respiration. Most of the ponds and lakes we deal with have higher than natural fish loads and require additional oxygen to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

HAKKO air pumps can be used to create a huge column of bubbles or “air lift” rising from the bottom of a pond or lake. This brings oxygen depleted water to the surface where the bubbles burst and create tremendous surface turbulence, circulation and aeration. HAKKO air pumps used in this manner will literally breathe life into your pond or lake.