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BioSteps Inlet Fitting

BioSteps Inlet Fitting

The Inlet Fitting at the top of filter is a clear threaded connector with an O-ring and a black nut. The clear fitting is a unique fitting. It has male threads on the outside and female threads on the inside. The easiest way to connect the inlet fitting is as follows:

  1. Place O-ring over the barb end first and slide it over the threads until it stops.
  2. Insert the barb end from the inside of the filter tank and push through to the outside of tank. The O-ring should be touching the inside wall of filter tank.
  3. Slide the black nut over the barb end (from the outside of tank) and tighten down the threads until fitting is secure.
  4. If you are also attaching a UV Clarifier to inside of BioSteps you must loosen the inlet fitting a little so it can spin. Position the UV Clarifier inside the tank and align the male threads of UV with the female threads of the inlet fitting. Twist the barb fitting to secure the UV as tight as it will go by hand. Do not use tools.
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