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Safety Switch

The Safety Switch is only used with the Hakko 100L and Hakko 120L air pumps. It is designed to protect the motor and magnet from damage. Under normal operation the diaphragms in your pump will gradually wear out or tear. The magnet is attached to the diaphragms. If the diaphragms fail then the magnet will be out of balance and will vibrate loudly. The safety switch senses the excess vibration and turns off the motor to save wear and tear on other parts. Sometimes during shipping a new pump may have been jarred enough to throw out the safety switch. The brand new pump will not turn on right out of the box. Simply remove the top of pump cover and you will see the safety switch at the top of the motor. Notice the small circle with an arrow on it. Just use a coin or flat head screw driver and re-align the arrows. If re-aligning the arrows does not turn on the pump then you may need to purchase a new safety switch. Please check for loose wires. They are relatively simple to replace. Click here for more info on the Safety Switch.

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