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Aeration Education Aeration with Hakko Air Lifts

Aeration with Hakko Air Lifts

An airlift is simply an air pump which pumps air to the bottom of your pond, lake or filter through an air diffuser or air stones. They are simple to install and operate.

Air pumped to air diffusers on the bottom will create a huge column of rising bubbles which lifts the bottom water to the surface where it can ventilate. This rising column of bubbles forms an upwelling current which can move thousands of gallons of water within the pond or lake.

As the water and air moves to the surface it spreads out in all directions expelling bad gases and gaining oxygen. The surface turbulence created can quadruple the available area for gas exchange. The surface current moves water to the outer walls or shore. The surface current is then forced downward drawing oxygen rich waters to the bottom of the pond where it is needed the most. This simple technique can transform a lifeless, turbid body of water to fresh, clear and life sustaining.