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Rubber membrane type air diffusers are increasing in popularity. The rubber membrane has small air holes. The membrane expands as air is pumped through it and air is released. Rubber membrane diffusers put very little back pressure on the air pump and can handle very large volumes of air through a single diffuser. They can be rendered self cleaning if extra air is available to blast open the air holes periodically. They may need cleaning once or twice a year. Rubber membrane diffusers are available as a disc or a tube. The discs are available 12 inches in diameter. Tubes are available in a 24 inch length. The discs have a ¾ inch male threaded connection and can be installed to your air plumbing through concrete. The air tubes can be installed in the pond or lake at any time. The 24 inch air tube diffusers can be weighted with gravel on the inside and then capped off to sink to the bottom.

Some manufacturers will use the air discs mounted to a bottom drain. The bottom drain is suitable for liner ponds or concrete. This is a convenient way to incorporate an air diffuser to your pond during time of construction.