Performance under Pressure

Testimonials - Hakko Air Pumps

Ever since I added the Hakko 80 aeration system to my pond my koi are really happy and active.  My water seems much healthier.  Thank you so much.
Thanks for the fast service on my parts. Will definitely be a repeat customer and will recommend you to others.
My house flooded in 2016 and in a hurry to try and get everything taken care of I forgot to lift up my Hakko 60L out of the water. I came back a few days later and saw it sitting under 3 feet of water. I figured this thing was dead! Once the water went down I let it dry out a full day and fired it back up. This pump turned on and never once gave me any issues at all. I was able to get fresh air right back in my messed up flooded pond. I did not lose any of my koi that remained in my pond thanks to this pump. It really has performed great ever since and I can always count on it to do the job. Great Product.
Pond aeration is a must these days with rising temperatures.  I have way too many koi in my pond and would highly recommend any serious pond owner to add extra aeration as a back up and just plain overall good pond management.
We are happy to have been a part of the success, and look forward to future growth.